She Got Angry When Cars Passed Her On The Shoulder, So She Rammed One – Three Times

A Subaru driver was so frustrated with cars passing her illegally on the shoulder that she slammed three times into a Jeep, according to the State Patrol.
road rage
The collision took place Tuesday on Highway 516 in Kent.

Traffic was backed up several miles and trooper Rick Johnson said several vehicles decided to use the shoulder of the highway to get by.

The driver of a Subaru Impreza became frustrated with being passed by so many cars and eventually moved partially onto the shoulder as a Jeep Cherokee started to roll by.

The Jeep moved further right and the Subaru’s driver struck it three times, Johnson said.

A photograph of the wreck shows the Subaru partially on top of the Jeep’s side.

The trooper who sent over photos of the incident told Johnson in an email, “You’re not going to believe this,” according to The Seattle Times.

Both drivers were cited.


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