Mom Stops Son Raping Ex, Says She Didn’t Raise Him ‘Like That’: Cops

A Florida man’s attempt to rape his ex-girlfriend was thwarted when his mom came to her rescue saying she didn’t raise him “like that,” according to police.
rape attemptBrandon Jermain Halstead, 22, of Gainseville, was arrested Wednesday after he broke into his ex-girlfriend’s house and raped her, the Gainseville Sun reported.

Police said that Halstead forced the woman down on her bed and said “Baby, let’s make this right.”

The ex said that she attempted to fight off Halstead, but he hit her in the face, throat and chest.

She was eventually able to contact Halstead’s mom, who came to her house and stopped the rape in progress, according to authorities.

His mom reportedly yelled at Halstead to get off the victim and said that she didn’t raise him “like that.”

Police said Halstead fled the scene, taking his ex-girlfriend’s phone with him.

Authorities tracked down Halstead and booked him at Alachua County jail, where he is being held on $510,000 bail. He faces multiple charges including sexual battery and assault during burglary.


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