Man Buys Flowers For Stranger With Cancer

A Missouri man’s Facebook video has gone viral after he gave a stranger who was sick with cancer a bouquet of flowers.

Quintin Conway was running errands one busy morning when he noticed a lonely woman reading in her car, according to Mad World News.

In the video, in which he recapped his encounter with the stranger, Conway revealed he was feeling particularly overwhelmed that day and had a lot on his mind. But just as he thought his own personal trials were too much to bear, he saw a bald, elderly woman sitting alone in her car.

The woman, who is believed to be in her 60s, was apparently battling cancer. At that moment, Conway said he realized how “stupid” he was for feeling sorry for himself, and gained some perspective on what “real” problems are.

Conway said he felt a “crazy urge” to make the elderly woman smile. He went back to the store to get a special gift for the stranger.
Quintin Conway viral story“So I turn around, go back into the store — and mind you, I am cranky, I’m in a hurry — and I buy these flowers,” Conway said in the now viral video.

Conway approached the woman with a beautiful bouquet of flowers in hand. He presented them to her and gave her his best wishes before heading back over to his vehicle and driving off.

But before leaving the scene, Conway passed the woman one last time. He saw that his gesture had brought the woman to tears. He also began crying.

“Sometimes when you get down on yourself, you gotta have perspective,” Conway said in his video. “The moral of the story is, ‘Your life doesn’t always suck … It could suck worse.’”

Quintin Conway viral storyThe video, which Conway admitted he did not want to post at first, quickly went viral. It has been seen more than 4.7 million times and garnered more than 80,000 shares. Several social media users praised Conway for his kind act.

“Thank you for sharing,” wrote one Facebook user. “I am sure you have made more people smile in 24 hours than you can ever imagine. And imagine if each of us make just one more person smile! Many blessings to you!”

“This post was not stupid, there are thousands of people that look up to you Quintin, and like me, I’m sure some are feeling the same way you were,” wrote another. “So on that note, thank you for this post, and you’ve definitely inspired me to make someone smile today.”

“So glad you posted!” added another user. “Awesome, because a perspective change is all we need sometimes!”

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