OJ Simpson Confesses To Murdering Nicole Brown With Her Own Knife

Orenthal James Simpson finally reveals how he would have hypothetically killed Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman on Sunday night, 12 years after first recording what will now air as the Fox special OJ: The Last Confession.

DailyMail.com has learned that in the special, Simpson says that he had become angry with Nicole in the weeks before the murders because of her alleged drug use and relationship with Faye Resnick, who he refers to as a ‘hooker’ and ‘call girl.’

Things reached a boiling point on the day of the murder when Simpson claims he was told by a doctor that Resnick and possibly even Nicole would be going to rehab while at a dance recital for his daughter Sydney.

OJ Simpson confession

A confession? OJ Simpson will appear in a special broadcast filmed 12-years ago in which he will run through a hypothetical situation in which he killed Nicole Brown and Ron Golman

OJ Simpson confession

Name calling: OJ Simpson labeled Faye Resnick (left in 2017 and right in 1996) a ‘hooker’ in the Fox special OJ: The Last Confession – which will air 12-years after it was first recorded

OJ Simpson confession

Very close friends: Nicole Brown and Faye Resnick had an affair before Brown was brutally murdered on her doorstep in 1994

That night, he made the decision to go confront Nicole about this at her home, arriving with a friend he calls ‘Charlie.’

Things got heated when he saw a man he did not recognize arriving to meet Nicole, Ron Goldman.

Then, while he and Nicole were yelling at one another, his ex-fell over says Simpson, resulting in Goldman coming up to him while holding a knife from Nicole’s home and threatening to fight him with karate.

Simpson says that is when he blacked out and when he came to was covered in blood, so he quickly fled the scene with ‘Charlie,’ leaving his two children alone in the side the house while their dead mother lay fatally stabbed outside the door to her home.

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