Robbers Drown Four-Year-Old Girl After Shooting Her Parents Dead

A four-year-old girl drowned after being forced into a car with the bullet-riddled bodies of her parents and pushed into a lake by their killer.

Konstantin, 35, and Inna Larkov, 32, drove two hours across Crimea with their daughter Arina to buy a new car the father found online.

They arrived in the small village of Geroevskoe and were met by two men who claimed to be the owners of the new car.

Larkov family murder

Konstantin, 35, and Inna Larkov, 32, were shot dead by robbers who they thought were selling them a new car after they

Larkov family murder

Their four-year-old daughter Arina was then locked in the car with her parents’ bodies and the vehicle pushed into a lake where she drowned

But when the parents got out of their Chevrolet Lanos, Warder Raven Samar, 28, pulled out a gun and demanded the cash.

Mr. Larkov tried to fight back and was shot five times in the chest before Samar turned his gun on Ms. Larkov and shot her in the chest and head.

The killer and an accomplice then pocketed the 255,000 RUB (£3,236) Mr. Larkov brought to buy the car, along with his phone and stuffed the bodies inside.

They then forced the terrified girl, who watched both of her parents be murdered, back into the car before rolling it into the lake.

Samar went to work at his job as a prison guard in Sevastopol just hours after the brutal murders, carrying the jail-issued gun he shot his victims with.

Detectives tracked him down a week later and he made a full confession, even leading them to the bodies and reenacting the sickening crime.

Larkov family murder

When the parents got out of their Chevrolet Lanos, one of the men allegedly pulled out a gun and shot the couple repeatedly in the head and chest

Larkov family murder

The killer and his accomplice pocketed the 255,000 RUB (£3,236) Mr Larkov brought to buy the car and stuffed the bodies inside with the terrified Arina

Larkov family murder

Little Arina drowned alongside her mother’s body while trapped in the car by the cruel killers

Police was alerted when worried neighbors called the police when the family failed to return home or answer their phones.

Neighbors put up missing person posters around their hometown of Feodosia after hearing the family dog whining from thirst and hunger.

‘The adults died from numerous bullet wounds. After being killed they were put into their car,’ local police said.

‘No bullet wounds or injuries were found on the child’s body. She was forced into the car alive and drowned.’

Samar faced life in prison but the brutality of his crimes prompted many Crimeans to lobby for capital punishment to be reintroduced.

Larkov family murder

The bodies were found a few days later after worried neighbours called the police, who hauled the car from the lake

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