Harvey Weinstein Slapped In The Face By Fellow Diner

Harvey Weinstein ended his meal at a swank Arizona restaurant on Tuesday night with two shots – to the face.

TMZ reported that a man, who they identify as Steve, walked up to the disgraced movie mogul as he was leaving Elements restaurant at the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort in Scottsdale, and punched him twice.

Video of the incident – which a source told DailyMail.com was at one point being shopped around for $100,000 – showed a much different story, however, revealing that Weinstein was actually slapped in the face.

His assailant can be seen laughing while he hits Weinstein, who wore a black beanie hat and soiled grey shirt for his night out at the restaurant.

Harvey Weinstein slapped

Get the look: Weinstein, 63, was wearing a black beanie and soiled gray t-shirt for his dinner at Elements restaurant at the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort

Harvey Weinstein slapped

The big moment: The man who hit the disgraced mogul seemed to have planned the stunt, and could be seen smiling as he twice backhanded the disgraced mogul

Harvey Weinstein slapped

In the face: Harvey Weinstein was slapped twice in the face while leaving a restaurant in Arizona on Tuesday night

The underwhelming scene plays out with Steve hastily getting out of his chair as Weinstein passes him by and then lightly hitting him with the back of his hand twice in the face.

His friends can be seen grinning too at the start of the video, making it appear as though the group had planned the charade.

One of those friends sits at the table while the other holds the phone to record the scene

The video shows Weinstein’s sober coach quickly usher his client past him and then hold up his hands to prevent the men from filming any more of the scene.

He also tries to grab the camera out of the man’s hand at one point.

The manager had claimed that Steve was angry with Weinstein after he refused a request earlier in the evening to have his photo taken, but he certainly did not appear to be mad while he was slapping the mogul.

It is unclear if Weinstein filed a police report.

The incident occurred just hours after Rose McGowan said she is preparing to unload her $2million home in the Hollywood Hills to pay for the legal help she has been receiving ever since she began publicly speaking out against Weinstein.

The actress revealed this while appearing at the annual winter TCAs in Los Angeles, where she was on hand to promote her upcoming E! reality series Citizen Rose.

‘I am having to sell my house right now to pay legal bills fighting off the monster,’ said McGowan, who did not once mention Weinstein’s name during the panel.

Local property records reveal that the home is not currently on the open market and is still owned by McGowan at this time.

Harvey Weinstein slapped

Revelation: On Tuesday afternoon, Rose McGowan said she might have to sell her house to cover her legal bills from speaking out against Weinstein

On Wednesday, Ronan Farrow spoke about how he was followed and approached by a number of shadowy individuals while investigating his story on Weinstein.

A rep for Weinstein has denied claims that he had reporters followed or ever had sexual relations with a woman against her will.

McGowan, 44, was allegedly raped by Weinstein at the Sudance Film Festival in 1997, and The New York Times reported last year that she received a $100,000 settlement in the wake of the incident.

That settlement did not require her to sign an NDA, but McGowan very publicly threw caution to the wind in November by alleging on Twitter that Weinstein was her rapist.

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