Shocking Sign On Grocery Store Window Goes Viral

A Philadelphia comedian’s Facebook post about a sign he put up in a store directed at welfare recipients went viral.
grocery store signJay Jay McGuire, who posts under the name “The Philly Offensive” on social media, took to Facebook to share a photo of the sign he reportedly put up around stores in the Philadelphia area. The stores, the sign read, were “no longer accepting EBT.”

“Please use cash or credit. If you do not have cash or credit then maybe its time to get a job. Thank you,” the sign read.

McGuire’s post garnered criticism from many who pointed out that not all people who use benefits to buy food were unwilling to get a job — or unemployed at all. The majority of SNAP benefit recipients, The Frisky reported, work throughout the year after receiving government assistance.

More than 60 percent of families with children work while receiving SNAP benefits, according to a report from the Center on Budget and Policy Properties, while nearly 90 percent work prior to or after receiving assistance.

grocery sign

The issue, many believe, is that many employers, such as fast food chains such as McDonald’s, don’t pay their workers enough to live on.

Others agreed with McGuire’s sentiment, arguing that too many people take advantage of the welfare system and think of it as a way to avoid working.

“Like the ‘poor woman’ in front of me tonight in Walgreens….Both arms tattooed, 6 bucks worth of candy, using an EBT card,” one Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page. “Then bitching at the cashier because she charged her a dime for her bag( California makes you BUY bags) So the cashier explained it will come off in the end of the transaction. Funny how a dime matters to her.”

“I feel the convenience stores shouldn’t take EBT anyway,” another wrote. “I still say everyone should be drug tested before getting welfare. To many are abusing the system, which makes it hard for someone who really needs it on a temp bases.”

grocery sign

“No offense to those who can afford luxuries like vehicles of any make and model, I walk everywhere, can’t afford doctor appointments they keep saying I need, and I do wonder how these people afford cars, insurance, to eat, buy clothes,” another added. “I mean new clothes not garage sale or used store clothes. Most have multiple ear and body piercings plus tattoos. Where does the money come from? Someone tell me. They have to have jobs surely and with kids not be able to make it.”


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