Woman, 24, Stabbed By Syrian Refugee In Germany

A 24-year-old woman is fighting for her life after being stabbed during a fight with a group of Syrian child refugees near Hanover, Germany.

The woman and a friend had gotten into an argument with two boys, aged 13 and 14, in a supermarket in the small town of Burgwedel near Hanover on Saturday evening.

The pair met the teens again on their way home, at which point they had been joined by a 17-year-old and the argument between the woman’s 25-year-old friend and the Syrians escalated.

germany knife crime

Attack: Blood can be seen on the sidewalk near a supermarket where a woman was stabbed during and argument between her friend, 25, and three teenagers

Local media reports that the 24-year-old had stepped in to calm the combatants down when she was stabbed by the 17-year-old.

All three teenagers fled the scene but were soon caught by police.

The 17-year-old appeared before a court on Sunday and has been charged with attempted murder.

germany knife crime

Incident: The stabbing took place in the small town of Burgwedel near Hanover, Germany

The nationality of the woman, who remains in critical condition, and her friend are not known.

Knife crimes are spiking in Germany; a fortnight ago a 17-year-old Afghan boy was arrested for murdering his 16-year-old girlfriend in Flensburg with a switchblade.

Police report in all 16 states that the number of attacks is on the rise.

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