Footage Shows Moment Deputy Shoots His Ex And Then Kills Himself

Florida police have released a shocking surveillance video showing the horrific moment a sheriff’s deputy threatened his ex-girlfriend with his service pistol before shooting her and committing suicide.

Michael DeMarco, Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputy had broken up with his ex-girlfriend Yuly Solano for a few weeks when the 55-year-old man decided to visit the 41-year-old woman in Boynton Beach.

DeMarco was on duty at the time, pulled up in an unmarked vehicle. Solano was outside walking her dog in a local condominium complex where they both lived.

The surveillance footage shows the two exchanging words.

Deputy shoots ex killed himself

Palm Beach Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Demarco, 55, sat in his patrol car at Yuly Solano’s condominium complex on the morning of October 12. When he saw her outside, he stepped out of her car, called her name, and shot her before turning the gun on himself

Deputy shoots ex killed himself

Solano (pictured left with Coco the Shih Tzu) had dated the officer for seven months before breaking up with him. The mother was walking her dog when he shot her

Deputy shoots ex killed himself

Surveillance footage (above) captured the entire incident and first shows when DeMarco, who was on duty at the time, pulled up in an unmarked vehicle on Solano

The former couple had only been dating for seven months before they broke up. They can be seen in the footage walking next to each other. They then move out of the frame until coming back into view after what looks like a quick tussle.

When they do re-appear, the officer, whom she described as ‘racist and very possessive of her,’ is holding his gun while she backs away in fear.

The footage is edited but does show DeMarco raising his pistol, in the attempt to shoot her, before it cuts away to black.

Solano was shot once in the arm and twice in the chest by the officer.

Solano told authorities, the officer said, ‘You treat me worse than a dog.’

Authorities said the unedited footage shows the full incident and the shocking aftermath.

Solano did survive the shooting and is slowly recovering. She now plans to sue the condominium association where the shooting took place.

Deputy shoots ex killed himself

They could be seen in the footage walking next to each other and move out of frame (above) until coming back into view after what looks like a quick tussle

Deputy shoots ex killed himself

The footage, which is edited, then shows him raising the pistol, seemingly in the attempt to shoot her, before it cuts away to black (above)

Yuly, 41, has alleged that she twice reported that she was being ‘terrorized’ by Demarco who vandalized her property and threatened her with violence, said in a newly filed lawsuit,

She said she asked for protection and begged the Inlet Harbor Condominium Association to put Demarco on notice. She believed him to be mentally unstable, knowing that he was armed and fearing for her own and her daughter’s safety. Representatives of the association neither acted nor reported her fears to the police as legally required.

In an exclusive interview, Yuly’s 18-year-old daughter Aryana said: “She wants to get her message across because this could have been prevented. She could have been well right now. She wouldn’t have been in the hospital.”

Aryana was home the morning of the shooting. She recalled: “We were both getting ready to leave the house. I was at home.

“She was walking the dog so she normally doesn’t take too long, but she was taking longer than usual. When I heard the shots I didn’t really think it could be my mom, but then I heard the sirens and she still wasn’t coming back and I was calling her phone and she wasn’t picking up.

“That’s when I knew. There was no reason she’d be out so long. And then I went running out.”

Yuly can be heard in the background, begging, “Help me please help me,”  in the audio from the 911 call made that day.

As her mother clung to life, Aryana took in the awful scene. She said: “I saw them both on the floor.”

The next time she saw her mother she was in the hospital, in a coma, critically injured. The college student has been by her mother’s bedside every day since then and has launched a GoFundMe page to help pay for medical and living expenses.

Solano’s daughter said three of her mother’s ribs were broken and parts of her lung had to be removed by doctors when she was rushed to the hospital in critical condition as a result of the shooting.

Weeks later, Solano’s arm and vocal cords are paralyzed and it is difficult for her to talk.

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