Teen Mom Of Seven Makes Shocking Demand Of Taxpayers

An Argentinian teen with seven children demanded that taxpayers foot the bill for a surgery that would ensure she no longer has children.

Pamela Villarruel gave birth to her first child at age 14, and for the next two years got pregnant back to back – giving birth two six more babies. The 17-year-old lives with her parents and first gave birth to a boy in 2005. The other six girls came immediately after in sets of triplets.

The breaking point for Villarruel’s parents came when her mother was forced to care for all seven of her children and subsequently requested that her daughter get her tubes tied.

Villarruel asked the Argentinian government to pay for her surgery, but the request was ultimately denied. In the United States, AWM America reported, teenagers are able to have access to contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Some states, however, are pursuing measures to limit teens’ access to birth control – putting girls at risk for not only unwanted pregnancies but also HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Many readers applauded the Argentinian government for denying the girl’s request that taxpayer money be used to fund her surgery.

“Obviously she can’t restrain herself from getting pregnant, so I think she should be “spayed”. Just pops out kids to get more money from the government. Why should I have to support my kids and hers?” one AWM America reader wrote on the site’s Facebook page.

“You are the one who had unprotected sex so now you can get the fathers of your kids to foot the bill for their raising or get out of bed, get dressed and get a job and take care of them yourself. You made your bed now sleep in it,” another wrote.

Others questioned where the father of the children was and why he wasn’t helping to pay for her surgery or support the children.

“Where are the “baby daddies”?? Why aren’t they paying for the kids they fathered?? Does she even know who the fathers are?? Sterilization should have happened around 5 kids ago. If you can’t afford them, you shouldn’t be allowed to have them. Maybe some duck tape to keep her knees together might help,” one reader commented.

“She needs to learn what causes her to get pregnant !!!!!!! Then get on some kind of birth control whether it be tubal or birth control pills, then “Get A Job” and support her own kids!!!!” another wrote.

“I have a demand! If you cannot afford to take care of children then stop having them. It is not up to the taxpayers to pay for your loose morals nor your stupidity,” another added.


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